ACA Hours Tracking

If you have a variable hour employee population, you may need assistance with tracking eligibility based on hours worked to ensure health insurance is offered to employees and their dependents if they become eligible.  This is a big part of the ACA.  Failure to provide coverage on time or at all can result in substantial penalties.

Our ACA Hours Tracking service stores and aggregates information on variable hour employees. As an employer, you can view eligibility data on an interactive dashboard as well run on-demand reports to obtain the latest details on the overall status of all your tracked employees.

Forms Completion

If you just need assistance producing the required IRS forms, simply complete a setup form and provide the required data in a simple proprietary MS Excel layout.  Benelogic will run IRS validation rules against and produce a sample set of forms.

When you approve the forms, we provide them to you for your records and/or to distribute to your employees.  We can even mail them to your employees and e-file with the IRS for you.  What could be easier?

Full ACA Management

Today’s reality is that benefit management and healthcare reform are intertwined on many levels.  If you prefer to stay out of the ACA management business as much as possible, you can transfer the hours tracking, eligibility management, and reporting responsibility to Benelogic.

With Full ACA Management, you get it all!

  • Aggregated, variable hour employee information

  • Real-time ACA dashboard

  • Reporting

  • ACA codes populated for you

  • Final PDF set of all forms

  • E-filing with the IRS

  • Optional fulfillment and mailing

  • Employee self-reprint

E-File Only

Maybe you have a handle on all aspects of ACA, but transmitting data in a required format is not your area of expertise.  Great news.  It’s where we shine!  With our E-file Only service, we provide you an excel spreadsheet to populate and we’ll take care of submitting your data to the IRS.


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