One of the biggest challenges with benefits management is keeping all of the different systems synchronized. When you send paper or electronic data to carriers, they may have multiple systems to maintain. Often their eligibility, claims, and billing systems are separate. Multiply this by the number of carriers you have and layer in manual overrides into any of those systems and you can see why it’s important to periodically audit and realign the data.


Data audits help answer important questions that can impact the financial picture of your benefit plans.


  • Are you paying only for people that SHOULD be covered?

  • Are your employees covered at the level they selected in the products they chose?

  • Does the carrier’s data match the company’s data? If not, then why?


Through data audits we identify the problems, find the source, and establish accountability so they can be followed to resolution.


If you want to ensure your plans are being administered accurately or you are implementing new technology and want to start with clean data, contact us. We’re here to help.


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