Enroll™ FAQs
Can you build my site for me?

We promise that building a site is super easy and quick with Benelogic Enroll™ but if you’re really not feeling up to it, take a look at some of our Other Products.

How much does it cost?

Check out our nifty Pricing Grid.

How long will it take for me to build my site?

How fast do you type? Depending on that and the complexity of your plan structure, times will vary! We’ve seen sites completed in less than a day.

What type of programming skills do I need to set up a site?

None, my mother can do it. That’s saying something.

What happens if an employee signs off before they finish their enrollment?

We save where they left off so they can easily return to the next step when they sign back on.

What type of security is in place?

The best kind. Check out our Security White Paper.

Can I host the site on my servers?

Absolutely! Contact us to get our best pricing.

Who is responsible for software upgrades?

We are. Isn’t that beautiful?

What exactly is Perfect Paper™?

Sometimes carriers deal with paper output better than electronic files. Perfect Paper™ runs enrollment through the validation of electronic enrollment and then maps it back to an enrollment form. If carriers are interested, they can contact us and we can even map it to their own form!

I’m really interested in Benelogic Enroll™ but I still have questions!

We’re really excited that you’re interested in Benelogic Enroll™. If you’ve got a question that wasn’t covered on the site, shoot us a message.


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