Today’s technology certainly promises to improve workflow by increasing efficiencies while holding costs down. Security within the technology helps ensures information is protected and accessible only to people with appropriate credentials. Separately these are both excellent things. Multiplied together across a variety of systems and services, they can create an insurmountable obstacle of separate passwords, authentications and identity management issues.


That’s when Single Sign On (SSO) comes into play.


For nearly a decade, Benelogic had supported clients using a wide variety of industry standard SSO platforms. With SSO, users authenticate their identity using their company-provided credentials to access company-sponsored resources. The benefits? Streamlined access to information, fewer passwords to remember and significantly improved and centralized identity management for the company.


For educational institutions and federal research agencies, Benelogic is a participating member of InCommon.


To learn how your company can start to regain control over rampant passwords and resources, contact us and Benefit From Our Experience®.

Features & Benefits
  • Company Controlled User Authentication

  • Improved Security

  • Fewer Usernames and Passwords to Remember

  • Easier Access to Benefits Information

  • Streamlined User Experience


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