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"No paper involved and it took less than 5 minutes!" - User


"The online application was exceptional. Easy to read, directions were clear. All of the necessary information was included in a logical location within the application."- User

"My group is not your usual group so providing service and understanding our needs is difficult at best. Our client service team quickly developed an awareness of our special needs and was proactive in responding to our unique challenges." - Bursar, State University

"I can honestly say this year's open enrollment was the BEST we've had. The employee selections in your system were verified against the file as well as the rates between Benelogic and our payroll system. There were no errors! Everything I researched in your system matched the information on our file exactly. What more can I say but thank you. Your processes and professionalism saved me from having to work the weekend." - Payroll Manager, Health and Human Services Organization

"Benelogic did an excellent job of getting us through another OE period. Responses are always quick, especially to our many questions when the site was being developed. You helped us think and work through the changes required to being a new voluntary product on board this year. I also appreciate the fact that the Benelogic team adheres to the project timeline and keeps us posted weekly with a status update." - Benefits Specialist, State University

"I could not be more pleased with how smoothly our open enrollment went and the help of the entire Benelogic team who assisted in pulling it together. Kudos to you for the quick turnaround, professionalism, and leadership." - HR Coordinator, National Sales and Marketing Company

"We appreciate working with your team – you have been very responsive to our questions and very patient with us as we work through the myriad of layers in managing these groups. We know that it’s not easy, since the data we started with could not be trusted. But, we’re getting there and appreciate the professional way you’re all working with us!" - Operations Coordinator of Employee Benefits, Employee Owned Insurance Brokerage Firm

"Benelogic did an outstanding job getting our client up and running in time for open enrollment, meeting every target date and deadline. The response time on issues that came up was great. Our client couldn’t be more pleased." - Senior Consultant, National Benefits Consulting Firm

"My client made a lot of late decisions and changed the vast majority of their carriers. You had my client up and running in time for open enrollment, with no disruption." - Senior Benefits Consultant, National Benefits Consulting Firm


"Benelogic's electronic enrollment model is the future of benefits administration. We've seen a lot of companies who purport to do what they do, but really don't deliver. Our larger customers are seeking out electronic enrollment systems and we are confident that Benelogic will meet their needs." - President of Large Insurance Wholesaler 


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